About Us

At the Law Office of Rodney Drake, we are committed to the aggressive representation of clients in legal matters throughout New York.  All telephone calls are promptly personally returned by the attorney.  Rodney Drake attorney has successfully earned a reputation as an outstanding advocate for clients with knowledge and experience that gets results. Rodney Drake represents clients in criminal cases: Assault/ Battery, Aggravated Assault/Battery, Car Jacking, Child Abuse/Neglect, Conspiracy, DUI/DWI, Domestic Violence, Driving on a Suspended/ Without a License, Drug Possession/Sales/Transportation, Drunk in Public, Embezzlement, Expungement, False Information to a Peace Officer, Fraud, Gang Enhancements, Grand Theft, Hit and Run, Identity Theft, Juvenile Crimes, Manslaughter, Murder, Petty Theft, Resisting Arrest, Restraining Orders, and Robbery.
Rodney Drake is experienced in civil litigation, i.e., Matrimonial, torts, and contracts. In addition, he is experienced in defending professionals, such as nurses, dentists and physicians, in licensing and disciplinary matters.
Rodney Drake believes that everyone is entitled to the best representation, regardless of their financial situation. The Law Office of Rodney Drake offers flexible payment arrangements on an individual basis to allow every client access to the best representation money can buy. Contact us today for a consultation.